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Welcome at Elmech

Elmech Project Services is specialized in project management for turnkey realization of a diversity of electro technical and / or mechanical projects.

Elmech houses the competencies of planning and guidance as well as turnkey delivery of electro mechanical machines and devices.

Elmech also cooperates closely with experienced specialists. Among others we cooperate with experienced electrical engineers and control experts and, in case necessary, we can call in reputable engineering factories, installers and construction companies for the execution of projects.

The projects executed by Elmech Project Services are often of a mechanical nature. Exceptional is that we can also design, implement and regulate the accompanying specific controls.

This occurs by a PLC with the required control program and electronics. The PLC can be connected to a PC so that data acquisition, process control and visualisation belongs to the options. Elmech Project Services will usually take on the full project supervision.

Generally it will mean that we will run:

contact with the hired experts
Lead time control



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