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Project leading & Commissioning

For third parties Elmech sets up the commissioning and run-off of fully automated production lines in the food industry.

For instance fill lines for the wine and beer industry. Elmech has jointly developed a new laminating machine for a company that produces refinery machines for the paper industry. The whole machine had to work independently just like a copying machine (no operator knowledge necessary).

For large foundries automatic laboratories that analyse the samples of the melted metal by means of X-ray equipment

In the maritime industry the commissioning and company positioning of the air conditioning and the “car deck fans” of ferries. (for example the Mont St Michel of Britanny).

The commissioning and company positioning of large gas compressors (132 bar pressure at a volume of 1 million cubic metres), as well as the computerization and safety of petroleum platforms rotating equipment such as gas turbines, steam turbines and gas plants.

Elmech has the knowledge of among others Siemens step 7 programming, profibus, Asi-bus and DP networking.

The testing and trying out the several positions takes place at the Elmech concern.


Brittany Ferries mv Mont St Michel

De commissioning en inbedrijfstelling van grote gascompressoren

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