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Operating procedures

Elmech Project Services likes a thorough approach. Thatís why standard every new project is subject to a feasibility analysis in which all the propositions and demands of the concerning client are carefully examined.

During the preliminary examination the boarders of the project are unequivocally determined, defined and are then together with the recommended price entered in the offer.

Pick at random from the by us realized projects:

Fill systems
The design of a carousel fill system including control systems, for a delicacy wholesale trader
The design of a complete fill system for a wine bottling plant, including project support
The design as well as the guidance of production and installation of a mayonnaise fill line for the fill of off mayonnaise in five- and four litre buckets.
Special machinery
The jointly design of a combined incapsulate and laminate machine including its control.
The design including control and guidance of several cutting machines for cutting rubber material (weather strips)
The development of a sate prick machine on our own account
The design and production of a lever dumper for the benefit of food industry
The design of a water treatment plant to filter fixed particles and to realise PH neutral water
Design engineering

Several art assignments including the design of AutoLISP routines. Among others we work with Autocad 2005 and Inventor 10

Program assignments
Several program assignments for PLC controls and computer controls including flow chart amongst others Siemens step 7 and SCADA

Het in eigen beheer ontwikkelen van een saté prik machine

ontwikkeling van een nieuwe lamineer machine

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